Re: EHU cable 1.5mm/2.5mm orange or blue?

Alan Morris

On Tue, 18 Feb 2020 at 08:40, timsinc Sinclair <> wrote:

.... with our current “Lets Save the planet”
- “Go Green” - “Do your bit to save climate extinction”.
Sorry, but any feel-good about not being plugged in hardly justified.
In UK especially when majority of time it's cold, I bet the carbon
footprint from your LPG burning (not to mention its manufacture and
transport) is greater. I include myself with the diesel heater. Same
with driving about to warm up van.
It's all about good design.

My Tischer (German) body on a Land Rover Defender 130 was built in
2005. Mains was only used for battery charging when at home and not
in use as the LR immobiliser/alarm used too much current from the
starter battery, that was not charged from the solar panels.

The two solar panels charged the domestic battery which ran the 12
volt compressor fridge/freezer. Heating was by 2x 11kg Gaslow
cylinders. My LPG purchase spreadsheet indicated that two full
cylinders could last for 18 MONTHS. This included much use in UK
winter time, including when snow and ice was on the ground.

In contrast my 2016 Hymer requires it's 2x 11kg cylinders be refilled
after only 5 long weekends. Fridge/freezer is three-way and thus on
LPG most of the time.

in 2020 it should be possible to build a more efficient motorhome with
better insulation and a 12 volt fridge.

I guess that the massive mark-ups in the trade would make to too
expensive for most folk.


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