Re: EHU cable 1.5mm/2.5mm orange or blue?

Neill King \(MH-List\)

Maybe Martin but my experiences suggest they are more likely to be doing those big corporation things -

- Disempower their employees
- Set rules for those disempowered employees to follow unquestioningly
- Defend themselves against litigation (/bad press)

Gave up CC/CMC membership a long time ago because they simply ruined the holiday atmosphere. Gave up CCC much more recently having abandoned their booking services(/discounts?) and no longer staying on campsites. The final change though was ADAC, a better deal than the RAC Arrival. Never looked back really.

Each to their own though - an important principle poorly understood by CMC!

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They are trying to be safe - both for your benefit and others using the site.

Should probably say “not exceeding 25m” and whatever the wording needed to avoid home made, electrically dangerous contraptions!

Nobody has ever questioned my set up so I’m not too worried as the wording can be used to stop dangerous set ups.

Both Clubs have sites with consistently high standards. You know what you’re getting.


On 16 Feb 2020, at 13:07, Richard via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Thanks for the info.
Justifies my lack of membership. I really would love to know the
reasoning why a mains lead should be 25 +/- 2 metres long and how it is
determined that any particular lead is "Supplied by the van
manufacturer". Could one of you as a member actually ask the question in
the club magazine?

On 15/02/2020 17:24, Edelec wrote:
I am amazed at what I am reading! What are these caravan rules with
regard to cables?
On 15/02/2020 16:53, Carol Weaver wrote:
Well our blue one has been used on both CCC and old CC (not in latter
now) without any problems.
On Sat, 15 Feb 2020 at 16:49, Sandytrax <brianinspain12@...
<mailto:brianinspain12@...>> wrote:
Thanks to all for your thoughts.
My further research indicates that standard ehu cables commonly
available on the market are orange 2.5mm. These meet the standards
of the NCC and the CCC.
Also available but not so common are orange 1.5mm but these are
not approved by the NCC.
I’ve hated using the two 2.5mm orange cables that I’ve owned
because they have quickly become inflexible, tangled and hard to
wind up.
So I’ve just bought a 25m orange 1.5 cable from Go Outdoors. It
says on the pack that it’s not suitable for caravan sites and
should not be used in wet or damp conditions!!
However, it is marketed as a Motorhome ehu on many websites.
So that’s a bit mysterious.
Go Outdoors Price is £30 but I found it for £22 on another website
and with their price guarantee, they sold it to me for £20. Bargain!
I’m sure it will be fine.
And my heart won’t sink when I need to use a hook up.
On 15 Feb 2020, at 13:17, timsinc Sinclair <timsinc@...
<mailto:timsinc@...>> wrote:
On 15/02/2020, Andy Clarke <andyclarke1050@...
<mailto:andyclarke1050@...>> wrote:
25m of 1.5mm is approx 1.5kg lighter that 25m of 2.5mm
... and a heck of a lot easier to man/woman-handle. Except for CMC
sites, two even shorter cables connecting if needed (but rarely)
definitely my preferred option.
Campervan Tim
in storm-free, sunny Spain
On Sat, 15 Feb 2020 at 12:33, Bennett Family
<martin@... <mailto:martin@...>>
Andy, Ern
Any idea of the weight difference for a 25m length of each? I
doubt f it
will be significant in the grand scheme of things.
On 15 Feb 2020, at 12:21, Andy Clarke via Groups.Io
<andyclarke1050= <>> wrote:

1.5mm cable is OK for up to 3kW assuming an allowable voltage
drop of 5%
and that the cable is in free air, i.e. not on a reel or
closely coiled.
Andy Clarke <>
On Fri, 14 Feb 2020 at 21:05, Bennett Family
<martin@... <mailto:martin@...>>
Is there any advantage in using 2.5mm rather than 1.5mm given
that most
of us are unlikely to use more than 2kw?
Just demonstrating my ignorance.
If no advantage then the lighter weight, blue, cable would
seem to make
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