Re: EHU cable 1.5mm/2.5mm orange or blue?

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Is there any advantage in using 2.5mm rather than 1.5mm given that most of us are unlikely to use more than 2kw?
Just demonstrating my ignorance. 
If no advantage then the lighter weight, blue, cable would seem to make sense. 


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I have a 10 metre blue arctic cable bought from Screwfix that gets used most of the time. I have used it at CMC sites without any problems. 

I also have a 25 metre orange thicker cable that gets used very occasionally and have joined them together a couple of times. I don't use a winder but loop them by hand using the natural "lay" of the cable - some loops forward and some back so you don't force any twists. As stated earlier there are several YouTube videos. The 25 metre one becomes a bit of a handful for the last few turns.

I use a wide velcro strap with a built in snap hook to hold them together and if wet pull them through one of those microfibre polishing gloves as I wind it up.

The continentals seem to use very long thin black cables on a drum and never unwind them as far as I have seen.

Who knew we could have such a long thread on a practical motorhome related topic??!!


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