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I’m guessing that chains will be obligatory at this time of year?

(Though I don’t know that particular pass).



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We went to Greece May last year - I’ve put together a quick summary of our route and stopping places.


We crossed Dover to Calais but you can modify your route, as you’re going to Roscoff, to head across country towards Briancon, the stops prior are for information should you decide to head for Dover/Calais. You can do this journey on fairly decent Route National roads, but the peage is quicker - first stop was via Luxembourg to Metz (N49.12384 E6.16909) €2 overnight, then Metz to Bourg-en-Bresse (N46.20887 E5.239305) - free, Bourg-en- Bresse to Sassenage (N45.214 E5.6692) - free, from there to Briancon (N44.89014 E6.62947) - free. Over the pass via Montgenevre (where you cross the border into Italy) you can head for the peage shortly after this to head for Turin (or continue on the N road) and on past Turin to Alessandria (N44.9207 E8.62725) - free. Although there is a fairly decent National Road across, from there I would suggest you pick up the peage and head towards Modena (N44.6532 E10.9096) - free, then Bologna and continue on towards the coast at Rimini  (N44.06037 E12.57616) - €10. Follow the coast road or the peage to Ancona (Sosta at Auchan store - N43.552 E13.515) - free, also has cheap fuel and you can stock up on foodstuffs if you need to. Continue south towards Bari, there is an ACSI campsite about 40Km from the port at Bisceglie (Camping La Batteria - N41.255665 E16.480671) - can’t remember the cost, but it was not a lot!

About an hour to Bari ferry port, we travelled with the van using the “camping on deck” crossing to Patras via Igoumenitsa - the ferry puts in there about 05:00 for a very short stop and gets to Patras about mid-day.

Italian tolls are reasonably inexpensive compared to the French, so I would recommend you use them unless you have a fairly slow journey in mind.


On 10 Feb 2020, at 15:19, Sandytrax <brianinspain12@...> wrote:

Hi Folks,
We are setting off on a three month trip to Greece next week.
I did the trip solo in 2007 but things may have changed.
We are taking the Brittany Ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff, which may not be ideal but is convenient. And I hate driving to and from Dover.
I've google and viamichelin mapped various routes.
I'm hoping to avoid tolls as far as possible, which could be very expensive.
A nice route would be down through France to the Mont Blanc tunnel but it seems to cost around £60 for the tunnel.
Previously I went via Switzerland which I loved. I don't recall any tolls (apart from the  £30 Vignette) in getting down to Italy. So I think that's a good way to go. There's a tunnel, can't remember its name but I'll google for it. I think it's free.
So I'm planning to head for Lucern and then down to Milan, Bologna and Bari for the ferry to Greece. 
I did this before and I don't remember expensive tolls but I think it's quite expensive now.

I'm not sure what I'm asking for but if any of you good folks have some helpful thoughts, I'd welcome them.

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