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Neill King \(MH-List\)

I too use both when travelling recreationally.  Maps for broad ideas, Satnav for detailed local help, usually as a moving map without voice but with instructions – albeit those sometimes ignored.


For a magical mystery tour we often use a map and guidebooks and weather forecasts to choose a not-too-distant zone to head for and then set the satnav on shortest while also avoiding motorways.  Not wise maybe in urban situations, or in narrow Cornwall say, but this has given some great results in more rural French & Iberian locations – where there’s often a bit more room and fewer really narrow lanes.  It helps that we are casual about exactly where we’ll overnight so no big deal if that turns out to be somewhere unexpected, in fact we look forward to that.


Love maps – and love satnavs too!



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'Senior Management' always tries to track our position, at least when we are in unfamiliar roads on a trip (mainly in Europe) on a map. I find it quite useful. The SatNav is fine, in fact excellent, for immediate directions etc if all is well but, if you hit a problem (eg a major hold up) or just fancy taking a scenic route, you can't beat an old fashioned map etc. 

I also like Google Maps, especially the sat view, to check out routes and approaches to campsites to check for 'tight' spots (we tow a trailer and reversing isn't fun). Plus, even with our Garmin GPS which has the facility to put in the vehicle dimensions, sometimes we've been directed to take routes I'd rather avoid. The Caravan Club is pretty good at including final directions to avoid problems approaching sites, including to sites booked via their European service (at least in France etc). 

I rather doubt we really need to worry about GPS being 'turned off' by the Authorities. True, it could be 'knocked out' but would we be worried about driving around at such a time?


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