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Not sure I agree with Carol on this occasion - it depends what you are looking for.

Broadly speaking visitors to the October NEC are looking for new model reveals and possibly to place an order for new for delivery in the coming season.

The February NEC has a more immediate feel to it with visitors very interested in accessories and in-stock dealer vans for the imminent season.

The numerous outdoor summer shows also have that immediate feel plus stocks of both new and second-hand vans for sale. (and sometimes second-hand will be the only ones with a particular layout - given the way some features go in and out of fashion).

Dusseldorf is the grand-daddy of them all with vehicles that you just won't come across elsewhere and with the 'marque' stands additionally staffed by dealers who will happily take you off or a tour round their own stock. The big suppliers like Dometic, Thetford etc., also have a major presence. Staying in the Dusseldorf Show camping fields with a multi-day show ticket is an experience not to be missed in my opinion.

I like Paris too, it is very different in feel, has a distinctly French flavour to it right down to extended lunches focussing on several different regional cuisines. Haven't been for a while but they used to be very friendly towards foreign visitors, last time we were there we got free camping for 48 hrs (then pay) and free admission on showing our passports. Carol says 'bad' based on a very long lead time apparently but that can happen with any van/marque that proves unexpectedly popular and is entirely unconnected with Paris as such. Access to paris itself is fairly easy so a day out there is also on the cards.

All offer ample opportunity to talk to suppliers about accessories like airbags, satellite, refillables, mobile broadband, etc. None cover all the suppliers of those items though, there is a wider market too. Excellent for initial research though.

Both Dusseldorf and Paris have huge numbers camping over several days so there is an outdoor show element there too - with owners often more that happy to talk about the pros and cons of their own vans, an education in itself.

They are all worth visiting really. When we were last 'in the market' those visits honed our views and led us into the right short list for us. Only then was there a favourite place to shop.

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Having just had one, I see there is another one in the new year.

What is the difference, if any?


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