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timsinc Sinclair

On 21/10/2019, Alan Morris <alan.g4ens@...> wrote:

What's wrong with normal e-mailing? Much easier!
Indeed. On my full-time camper travels I have a group of about 60
(family, friends some m-homers, including Carol !) who get my
'Travelogs' (when something to report/photo) by old-fashioned email.

With Whatsapp, my communication is more likely to be personal or
person-specfific. If a message, I get alert on my phone. On my Android
tablet I have 'Tablet Messenger' app that also accesses Whatsapp,
which is my usual way to use it.


PS, if any fascinated enough, happy to add your email address to my
round-robin Travelog email group.

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