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Carol Weaver

We use WhatsApp too. You can set it up to make a sound or /and have an icon showing you there is a message. 

Mine prefer to use it 


On Mon, 21 Oct 2019 at 18:17, Alan Morris <alan.g4ens@...> wrote:
On Mon, 21 Oct 2019 at 16:46, timsinc Sinclair <timsinc@...> wrote:

> Whatsapp (photos and text) is, when campervanning far and wide, how I
> and off-spring (plus few friends and odd m-homer) communicate.

What's wrong with normal e-mailing?  Much easier!

When I want to e-mail selected friends/family, I've setup small
selections of e-mail addresses.  To send in Gmail, I click on the To:
field and my contacts appear.  In the drop down menu, I select the
named group of people I want to send to and they all appear in the To:

So at Christmas time, I select my 'Xmas Letter' group and they all get
the letter.

Another caravan & camping group suggested using Whasapp.

It's major problem is that to receive a message one has to logon to
see it there are any messages.  E-mails just arrive, with no extra


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