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timsinc Sinclair

Whatsapp (photos and text) is, when campervanning far and wide, how I
and off-spring (plus few friends and odd m-homer) communicate.


On 21/10/2019, Carol Weaver <corconx@...> wrote:
I know my grandchildren joined but left too. I gave up working out where
they went. I hear from them when they want something!!


On Mon, 21 Oct 2019 at 17:30, timsinc Sinclair <timsinc@...> wrote:

On 21/10/2019, Ernest Bull <ernb32@...> wrote:
On 21 Oct 2019, at 09:50, timsinc Sinclair <timsinc@...> wrote:

Facebook has its attractions - like easy to post and see photos ….
I’m glad that you think so, Tim. I find it totally baffling, and
counter-intuitive. Almost as unfathomable as Twitter.
Like Carol, I'm certainly no fan. But it has its uses - be they of the
instant-then-lose-it kind of messages. Maybe, Ern, you need a grandkid
to show you the how - although I gather it's now spurned by youngsters
as 'just for oldies'. !!


Carol WeaverAires photos here|.
Plusnet -cardun if you sign up recommend me please


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