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timsinc Sinclair

Well it didn't cost a penny when I followed and transferred the OT
list from Yahoo to groupsio - but then maybe it was to attract custom
in the early days. I'm afraid I wasn't as diligent as you, Peter, and
ignored all the old posts on Yahoo. Not really as so important because
mainly opinions rather than facts for future reference.

Ern did try to find some old postings at one stage. Maybe he'll chip in.


On 20/10/2019, Peter S <peter@...> wrote:
Have a look here:-

When we transferred the old posts were left on Yahoo so we didn't have to
pay anything if we wanted them we would have had to pay. It looks like they
may have changed the system and will charge for the first year but you can
then downgrade to free if the free version is adequate for your needs. You
really need to go through all the info at to see what the exact
situation is.

I think I transferred the files and photos myself by downloading from Yahoo
and then uploading to but can't remember exactly now.

I will have a look to see if we can get the old posts transferred but they
are really only of historical interest now I think. Has anybody logged onto
Yahoo Groups since we moved?

Peter S
Group Owner

On 20/10/2019 13:38:51, calypso155 <steve-varden@...> wrote:
Can anyone tell me if there was/is a cost involved in moving the
motorhome-list Move Yahoo to

Yahoo groups is being shutdown at the end of this month and a few of my
other Y-group moderators are saying that it will cost $120 per year to host


Steve V

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