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I spoke to a lady from VWCampersales on the Westfalia stand (I think) at the NEC yesterday. She was very pleasant demonstrated the vehicle well and seemed to know her stuff.

Prices were high everywhere I looked - so high that the new excise duty made little difference!

And no we are not buying one - but who knows perhaps one day when we downsize further.

It seemed quite busy - the car parks were full but this year they seemed to have increased the size of the walkways and even had some seating. They had also improved the atrium area and toilets since my last visit. We really enjoyed the day.

The CMC told me last week that their temporary site was full and would not put me on a waiting list. In reality it was about a third empty and someone who stayed there confirmed it - so I don’t know what that was about. We stayed at their Chapel Lane site. I did ask three car park attendants about staying overnight in the car park. Their spokesman said that the official line is that it’s not allowed, but he assured me that if I decided to stay I would not be alone! As we had booked the CMC site we went there, but we would have probably gone into the show again today if we had stayed at.the NEC.


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Sorry for the ramble....
Don't be. I found it interesting, even though I'm not (well yet)
looking to buy a new van.

It’s early days, but so far I would unreservedly recommend Travelworld.
They’re not cheap and only sell products from the Hymer Group, but in the
end it’s value for money and peace of mind that count for us.
Reflects my experience, though not with Travelworld. Bought my T5
Westfalia campervan from Lowdhams because at the time (5 years ago)
they were the only stockist of the new Club Joker. And it was a demo
model with many extras to impress would-be buyers.

For the first year or so I made the long treks to Nottingham (from the
Reading area) for its annual check to keep with warranty terms and
sort out other niggles - which is done by being driven off to some
anonymous service place while you deal with one of an admin team of
folk at desks with computers - but no particular knowledge of your
model - at the showroom

Fed up with that, I found a small campervan dealer much nearer down
Brighton way, now a Westfalia 'agent'/dealer. You actually talk to the
boss/owner - got to know him well after various jobs involving
maintenance (that all homes require!) have been undertaken. Not only
the boss, but his Mr Fix-it guy is on hand to chat with/get advice and
see him at work - with the usual H&S advice not to be in the workshop
space. All very relaxed though.

But he's not cheap - nearing £60 work-time hour. And the price of new
ones - he specialises in the smaller, European van conversions,
including Hymer - look to me horrendous. But as you say, Derek, in the
end value for money is as much about service as qualty of the product.
And I blame the likes of Remis and Dometic for some of my problems.


PS, details for any others thinking of downsizing: VWCampersales, Unit
K, Sheddingdean Business Centre, Marchants Way, Burgess Hill, West
Sussex, RH15 8QY. Tel: 00441444243888.

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