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Neill King \(MH-List\)

They are great these bargain bin stick-on automatic lights from Lidl, Aldi etc., I added one to our front door at home - works perfectly and so cheap too.


In the Hymer I’ve added some wired-in LEDs on pin switches and they are a great improvement over anything we ever had before. The kitchen cupboards and wardrobe usability is absolutely transformed. I even managed to get a single central LED in a double cupboard to operate automatically whichever door is opened. Mrs K was greatly impressed.


Flushed with success I added a 625mm LED strip-light over the cooker-sink area, just out of eye-line and replacing the original longish fluorescent – excellent.


In fact that is so good that I added similar into the back of the cab above head height to replace the glow-worm cab courtesy lights – fantastic!  These aren’t supermarket cheapos but dedicated 11-15v automotive units from our own ranges, not cheap by any means but very pleasing results.


Now I’m told(!) I’ve got to attack the upper clothes cupboards too.


To anyone who hasn’t already - I’d say get into LEDs asap, whether a bargain bin item or some master-slave dimmable touch lights, they really are brilliant - in both senses!



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The Aldi lights - see photo -  are brilliant - in every respect!  They switch on & off automatically and seem perfect for our under bed “wardrobe” space. Previous lights were regularly left on. 

I’ve attached them with a “magic tape” type product that was advertised on FB and which I’ve used for all sorts of things. Appears to hold things firm, pulls off ok and can be washed & reused.  I’m not sure if this is the exact brand I bought but it looks the same




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