Re: But brexit got in the way and we bought an ex-stock Hymer (big mistake).


I've had a secondhand Murvi Morello followed by a new one 4 years ago and not a fault in either of them. So I can recommend 'some' british manufacturers.

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On Thu, 3 Oct 2019 at 13:37, timsinc Sinclair <>

I agree with your general observations, Brian.
I've found British built (motor) caravans to be generally poor quality.

I remember visiting a dealer in Suffolk about 4 years ago. On
entering their car park, we saw a visiting service vehicle close to a
new British MH on display for selling. The over cab window/roof light
seal was being repaired.

Another British MH we were looking over had a rear wide opening door
with a top hinge. After exiting via this door, I noticed about 80mm
of screw thread sticking out. Rather dangerous if one hit it.

I've previously mentioned many Hymer problems, but they are all DESIGN
faults and not build or QC problems.

The problems have been with Loudham, before delivery, installed
options. Loudham's workshop manager and staff do not have much
experience and knowledge of the products they sell and install. OK,
I'm 76 next month and have been caravaning since 1967, but have
significantly more experience and knowledge of the options I wanted
installed. But I'm a retired electronics eng. and have not worked in
the caravan industry!

The Hymer had a re-call on the central part of the bedding support.
It's two single with a 2/3 cushion between. We don't use the other
1/3 cushion and it is stored at home for when we sell.

One LED light over a bed was faulty, Loudhams could not understand
the problem. The LED was always on at a very low level and only
visible in low light conditions i.e. all windows and roof lights
covered with their OEM blinds etc. I explained that the electronic
touch/touch on/off switch had a leaky component. They told me that
this was not a fault. Eventually, they reluctantly referred to Hymer
for a replacement, which solved the problem. Both were reasonably to
be expected minor problems.

The habitation step was damaged by Loudhams during a service.
Loudhams require customers to present MHs to their display showroom
site. They then inspect the MH for any body damage. The MH is then
driven a few miles to their service location to be worked on and then
driven back to the showroom, using the customers diesel!

Then the MH is presented to the customer to confirm that there is no
body damage. Then I saw that the step was down. Pressing the raise
switch did not work. We had to leave the MH with them (fortunately my
wife had followed me in our small car as we were visiting a local NT
while waiting) overnight for a repair. The shear pin had to be

We both later discussed the problem and the 'body language' of the
staff. We were 100% certain that the damage had occurred at the
workshop, but covered it up. We guessed that the driver needed our MH
for his journey back to the salesroom!

We have used winches with shear pins and know that they don't fail
unless over-loaded.


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