Re: Window & roof light seals

timsinc Sinclair

Not lubricant! Use, as I do, talcum powder.


On 27/09/2019, Alan Morris <> wrote:
While commenting about Thetford seal lubricant, reminded me about a
problem with the roof light seals in my Hymer - another item on the
hate list!

If a roof light (or window) has not been opened for some time, the
rubber seal sticks to the light and comes away from it's proper place.

I was advised to use the Thetford seal lubricant, by spraying onto a
paper towel and then rubbing this onto the seal. Unfortunately, this
does not solve the problem. Any suggestions?

Incidentally, this reminds me of another Hymer hate. Why design a
roof with a roof light over the bed? Roof vents can break or leak.

As a Boy Scout, the first golden rule I was taught about camping was
to keep ones bedding dry.



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