Re: Microwave advice needed.

I'm Bazbro

In my past experience, 12v ones are overpriced and horrendously expensive.  24v ones are available (for lorries) but I don't know the cost.
I my view, a GOOD inverter (Sterling or Victron) of about 1500w minimum will run a cheap Lidl (etc) microwave, plus toaster, vacuum, and charge the shaver, toothbrush, etc. - a good investment.  Don't buy a cheap inverter - a potential waste of money and a potential danger! Sterling often advertise their products much cheaper on eBay (as cancelled orders, etc).
This would be my choice. It's what I've done!

On Mon, 23 Sep 2019, 11:31 am Nick, <nickoff2@...> wrote:
We returned home yesterday after a long weekend in Wales visiting a friend and generally touring around. After 20 odd years of motorhoming the good wife has decided that she would like a tv and a microwave oven fitted into the van. I'm already onto the telly side of things :-( but would appreciate any advice regards the microwave. We tend to "wild camp" about 50% of the time we are away so I suppose a 12 volt one would be preferable, as long as it doesn't eat into the leisure battery too much. As you can tell I'm a complete novice where these things are concerned. Any advice would be appreciated.


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