Re: electric motorhome market?

Ernest Bull

On 21 Sep 2019, at 09:43, timsinc Sinclair <timsinc@...> wrote:

Can anyone, perhaps those with engineering bent, tell me why they
haven't thought of putting a small, bladeless wind turbine behind
front grill to make use of the wind created when travelling above
Probably some law of physics that says the energy to travel at speed
to create wind far exceeds that produced by such a generator. Still,
I'd have thought it would help top up batteries, just as is done by
harnessing brake power.

You are not far out with your own assessment, Tim. Basically the engine is producing the wind by moving the vehicle and the wind turbine simply adds to the overall drag. It would be a little like having a fan to make wind turbines generate if there was no wind. 

Better, but only producing a charge in daylight or under a streetlight, would be flexible solar panels. Works in daylight when parked or moving and fitted properly would produce no additional drag. MH roofs were made for them. Going by this site: - 
The average MH roof could easily host 500W of panels and many could even carry 1kW. Brilliant. And so cheap. My 100W panel cost over £600 back in ’06 or ’07. 


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