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There is an attractive way forward but possibly not one politicians will go for enabling! The recently trialled Transit Van using all-electric drive with batteries topped up by a small (and always efficiently running) petrol engine used solely for charging seems to have been something of a success. That wouldn't need a great deal more development to make a decent motorhome.

The alternative big-batteries solution to bridge the gap between rural charging points has a major drawback - it reduces available payload and hugely so on a 3.5t chassis. To some extent (only) that can be offset by using hi-tech lighter weight batteries but then the huge cost of replacement, in maybe 3-5 years, becomes a significant deterrent too.

None of this of much interest to a Tesla owner of course!

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It will happen - eventually. Biggest hurdle, though, is that
motorhomers like to go huge distances, as opposed to delivery vans.


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I wonder if this deal will have any impact / influence on the electric
motorhome market?


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