Re: motorhome-list] Camping Gaz 907 Refills

timsinc Sinclair

Thanks, Peter. Clearer now. As my small camper has no space for a BBQ
I don't think I'll be needing such.


On 14/09/2019, Peter S <> wrote:
It is a device for attaching a gas BBQ to the built in gas outlet on your
van if you have one, you can also use it to attach to another gas source. I
use one so I can use a gas cylinder whilst at home or the van gas supply
whilst away.

The device separates in the middle - a sliding sprung collar keeps it locked
together. The male end goes to the BBQ rubber pipe and the other female end
to a piece of pipe attached to the regulator on the gas bottle. The male end
plugs into the female end of the van gas supply or the female end on the gas
bottle. The female end has a valve that only opens when the male end is
pushed in so no gas escapes when the bits are separated if you haven't
closed the gas supply on the van or the bottle.

I am not sure if this is clear but easy to understand if you actually see
one in the metal.

Peter S

Totally lost on me what this is all about.


On 13/09/2019, Neill King &#92;(MH-List&#92;)
<> wrote:
Try this


*It'll all be OK in the end. If it's not OK, it's not the end*

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