Re: Camping Gaz 907 Refills

Ernest Bull

On 13 Sep 2019, at 08:59, penstrassoe <penstrassoe@...> wrote:

We use a refillable tank under the van which seems to last months - never kept records. I am concerned, however, about just how long we will be able to keep filling it up. As gas-powered cars (in the English sense, not American) seem to be a thing of the past, so service stations that cater for them become rarer. Here in Cornwall I only know of two filling stations……

I was going to post my experiences of the 75L refillable tank on our Hymer Tramp. Not only was it so convenient, it was remarkably cheap. I think there may be postings from the noughties when I had bought auto-gas for as little as 7P/L. Mind you, the Bristol Calor Gas depot is just round the corner from home and as well as buying bulk, I could also get a VAT domestic discount.

I have dumped my book-marked LPG station finder, but I did find this website and there are similar for Europe.

And I must mention the other big advantage of having a bulk tank. The empty gas locker was the perfect size for my fold-up Brompton bike and left room for the BBQ and its flammable starter fluid.


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