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Thanks - that’s handy information and I shall give it some thought.

Might put the £39 towards a tee-off point in the gas locker and a long gas line.


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You could have two BBQ points? Depends a bit on where you can tee-off from the system and/or if you are comfortable running a protected gas line under the 'van.

My own BBQ point is at the back of the 'van and I have a longish pipe on the BBQ so can go either side or at rear and so I haven't felt the need for two points.

Another option is the baby Gaslow stand-alone '3' as long as comfortable with the ability to refill a loose bottle somewhere. This direct-fill bottle actually holds 2.7kgs LPG, is the same size as the 907, and just a couple of quid to fill.

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Yes - probably was over 3 years - just seems ridiculously expensive having spent around £16 for 23 litres for the van Gaslow system.

But, like Max, I don’t always want the bbq in the same place - particularly in a wind.


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Must have been more than 3 years ago at that price. As the 907 is all
I use (small cylinder for camper space), I've for last few years being
paying about £30. It is expensive but as it lasts me three months I
just bite the bullet.


PS I use gas stockists rather than campsites.

On 10/09/2019, Bennett Family <martin@...> wrote:

Amazed to find them priced at £39 at 2 Campsites. I’m fairly certain I only
paid around £20 for my last refill (about 3 years ago).

I only use it for a bbq - so don’t think I’ll bother.



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