Re: Comfort Insurance M/C Assist Breakdown

Mervyn Pickard

I have been with Comfort about 10+ years. Three years ago our motorhome had a big engine failure when the head dropped a valve guide.  This required 10 days in an Austrian garage. During that time the Comfort breakdown service, at that time through RAC, was superb. They paid for accommodation for the whole 10 days and supplied us with a hire car. I would suggest that you're unlikely to get this level of service from any other than a motorhome specialised breakdown service.  All breakdown cover offer different levels of cover and the devil is in the detail. I urge you to make sure these cheaper options give you the cover you may need. 
Incidentally Comfort breakdown cover is now through the AA. I can only hope the cover offered will march my experience of that given me by their RAC cover.

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