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timsinc Sinclair

No wonder, Martin, you've always wanted to be out on the road after a
real proper epic adventure like that. I started to read the
fascinating report but after a while, finding it book length, did a
lot of skimming. But I didn't miss a reference to you: "Martin looked
extremely funny in pyjamas and bush hat...."

However, although you're listed in the caption (but no left-to-right)
of that first group photo, I wouldn't know which one was you - you all
had hair in those days!

As for doing similar with family, I'd find it too daunting with all
the logistics involved and not having fellow experts (in all
important-for-survival fields) along side. As it was, when I went to
much-tamer Morocco earlier this year I arranged to be in a convoy of
two - with a fellow motorhomer/friend.


On 14/07/2019, Carol Weaver <> wrote:
I’ve saved to read later but I’m sure you’ve posted it before

Did they stop after this one Martin. A fantastic experience

It’s not too late to try. 😄


On Sun, 14 Jul 2019 at 08:17, Bennett Family <>

50 years ago today I set off to India as a coach driver on Comex 3. Five
hundred of us on 20 coaches travelling 13,000 miles and putting on
performances en route. The brain child of Lt Colonel Lionel Gregory who
motivated and inspired a disparate band of young individuals. An amazing

The link below tells the story of the journey.

The photo shows the 20 Bedford Duple buses looking remarkably similar to
number of the Hymermobiles I subsequently bought. Over the years I have
wanted to undertake a similar journey with my family, but when I had a
suitable vehicle, I didn’t have either the time or the money. Not to
mention the odd war or two closing routes. We did manage to meander
a lot of Europe and part of the Asian section of Turkey including the
Meander river!

[image: image1.jpeg]



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