Re: Home & Away Internet, now aluminium levellers

Ernest Bull

On 15 Jun 2019, at 23:51, Derek Sims <derek.sims@...> wrote:

All very interesting stuff, but you didn’t  reply to my  original question which was:

Did you buy the Milenco Aluminium levellers and, if so, were you pleased with them?

Very sorry, Derek, but being retired and my carer’s carer, I spend more time apologising than doing stuff lately. 

Quite honestly, I had never come across Milenco levellers. My last pair were excellent and very expensive, so I kept them when I sold the van. I could not, for the life of me, remember the make so had to organise a trip to my cage in the basement lock-up.

They were made by Froli, but I have been unable find a link to the ones I have. Not even after scanning 10,000 google images. They look like standard kit but have a variable height “centre” section worked by a pull handle at the “high” end. I wore out several pairs, but they were the best and easiest to use.


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