Re: Off to Greece!

I'm Bazbro

I've not much help for you, I'm afraid, Brian - I last did that route in 1962, when there was a tractor available to pull you over the rutted dirt road pass into Yugoslavia!  
The main coast road hadn't been completed, and where roadworks stopped (abruptly), we drove off the edge of the tarmac onto a heavily rutted track!
Good luck with your trip, whichever route you choose.

On Tue, 23 Apr 2019, 11:37 am Sandytrax, <brianinspain12@...> wrote:
Hi folks
I'm planning a trip to Greece using Eurotunnel on 1 May.
I've been there in my previous van many years ago and travelled via Switzerland and Italy with ferry to Igoumenitsa.
I've checked out routes on ViaMichelin and quite fancy the overland route via Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and North Macedonia.

I would welcome any tips, good places to visit en route.
I'm wondering how North Macedonia might be - it's not included in my van insurance policy.
And I would welcome recommendations for overnight parking at/near the Eurotunnel terminal at Folkstone.

Thanks folks

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