Re: Copyright [was Re: [motorhome-list] Over Seventy Driving Licence Renewal]

Bennett Family

Andy >Er, did you miss this Martin :  © Copying is permitted for personal use only.
Andy Clarke

Clearly I did! Apologies. 

I googled Driving Licences for Motorhomes or something similar as I remembered reading something a while I go which I now assume was a post from yourself. 

The link that opened was

I didn’t spot anything on there that said for personal use only. I’ve looked again and see that at the very end in smaller type and grey is the message. 

I’m on an CMC site and the internet connection is poor. I tried just direct those interested to your site via the link above but I couldn’t get it to copy this afternoon. 


On 26 Mar 2019, at 17:16, Andy Clarke via Groups.Io <andyclarke1050@...> wrote:

Er, did you miss this Martin :  © Copying is permitted for personal use only.

I've had copy protection on the site for a few years, following a serious copyright breach. I'm experimenting with removing the protection and including a copyright notice automatically with any copied content.

Clearly it's not a deterrent so looks like I'll have to go back to full copy protection :(

Andy Clarke

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