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Driving vehicles over 3.5t and up to 7.5t +750kg trailer (C1 or C1+E "Grandfather" rights)
Because we (76 and 74 years old) drive a m/h over 3.5tonne we have to have medicals. Our GP charged us over £200 each for the "medicals" - 10 minutes form-filling and no actual tests at all!
The next time I went to (NOT!) who charged £50 for the same "medical"! I chose one of their locations not far from home and it was all very smooth. They specialise in medicals for HGV and other similar professional drivers. They operate all over the UK. I went to a local Holiday Inn for my appointment!
Call 0808 178 0725 to make a booking or ask questions. Nice people!
Note: I have no connection with this company other than as a satisfied customer. There are other companies doing similar things including car race licence and taxi medicals.
I had to get my optician to give me a prescription for the specs I wear (and they are entitled to charge you although, if you are already due for a regular NHS eye test, the prescription may be free).
You will have to get the eye prescription even if you go to your GP. They give you a list of things to take to the medical including a Urine Sample and a list of any medication you may be taking.
If you have had a cataract or Glaucoma DVLA may require a "Visual Fields" test. 
If they send you to SpecSavers for this test, make sure that SpecSavers use the CORRECT DVLA test procedure. My wife had 3 Specsavers tests (all performed incorrectly) and several NHS specialist tests (all satisfactory but not acceptable to DVLA!) before DVLA agreed she could go to Moorfields Eye Hospital and have the test done by them. She passed!
* The scope to get it wrong includes one eye at a time or both eyes together? With specs or without specs? Noisy or cold room and interruptions. Do your own homework on the DVLA website and find out what DVLA actually require! Don't trust the operative, they may be a trainee (she was in two cases). SpecSavers will also NOT TELL YOU whether you have passed or not! You have to waste 3-4 weeks for DVLA to get back to you with a refusal to issue your new licence! If DVLA get it wrong APPEAL. It works. Don't give in or be browbeaten into accepting your licence being taken away. You cannot get it back with taking a new driving test.
Beware SPECSAVERS! They have a monopoly on doing eye tests for DVLA to the exclusion of almost all others including the optician you have been using for years. This may change in the future but we have bad experience of SpecSavers doing DVLA eye tests. In a subsequent year she went to Worcester Park, Surrey, SpecSavers who did the job correctly unlike another local SpecSavers.
Filling in the DVLA forms (especially D2 - Application) correctly is essential and since they change the rules without warning, and the "Help notes" DVLA provide are useless, it is worth phoning DVLA and asking their help to fill in the form. Get the person's name who helps you!  Try saying "Thank you. You have been very helpful. May I have your name please?" Photocopy the D2 form before you send it back.
The Medical Form "D4" is supplied by D4Drivers and they fill it in for you. Get one tick wrong (as my GP did once) and DVLA will send it back! Photocopy the D4 form before you send it back.
The first time I renewed my C1 licence I ticked the wrong box on the D2 and DVLA assumed the D4 medical was unnecessary (at £200!) and sent in error! They shredded the D4 and sent me the standard "up to 3.5t" licence. When I protested that I DID want the over 3.5t C1 licence they said I must have a new medical. When I appealed and said I could provide a photocopy of the D4 they gave in and allowed it to be used.
Always take a photocopy of BOTH SIDES of your licence before sending it back in case they lose it! Better still, if you have "mislaid it" when you send in the form, tell them so and therefore do not send it!
Always, always, always, send the forms etc. to DVLA using "SIGNED FOR" 1st class post. They have denied receiving forms and letters several times until I was able to tell them when my letter was received and who signed for it! Magic!

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