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Hi Carol, Peter and Mike,
Thanks for taking the time to reply  with your experiences hints and links.
I knew there was a wealth of knowledge here!
I don't plan to drive a mini-bus or larger vehicle but as they are on my current licence I think I might try to retain them if it doesn't prove too difficult.
As our vehicles are plated just under 3.5 tons, I wonder how serious an offence might be if we overloaded a tad. Not only would we be overloading the vehicle but perhaps be guilty of driving without an appropriate licence!
Thanks again,

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Yes John.


You can drive a vehicle up to 3500kg. Anything over that you will need a medical etc to get a C1 entitlement. 


The wording for these things is not always precise. 3500kg is OK 3500.00001 kg is not. This is why so many motorhomes are plated at 3500kg.


See page 8 of the download :-


Peter S




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I had almost completed my licence renewal on line when the last page informed me that my permission to drive a mini-bus and medium sized vehicles, (3.5 - 7 ton), would not be renewed, just car licence.

I expect this is something other members on the list will have come across so my questions are;_ 

Am I allowed to drive my 3.5 ton Autosleepers Broadway on a normal car licence?

Is it worth retaining the mini-bus and medium vehicle / trailer options as I think a medical is needed?

If so, how convoluted is the application. 

In common with those complaining about insurance health issues I expect my medication for high blood pressure could be a problem. I really find this illogical, If one has high BP diagnosed and is treated effectively one must be a far safer risk than the thousands of folk who have high BP and not had it diagnosed, and yet we get penalised for it! Rant over but any advice on members experience with the licence will be most welcome.



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