Re: INSURANCE for over 70’s for 60 days

Carol Weaver

Thanks Alan. We too have ADAC but whether EHIC is any use soon will be debatable

We decided to go to Scotland via Chester, Liverpool , Bamburgh York and NORWICH!!  The latter was the one bit oh the UK we didn’t finish as Duncan got called back to Nigeria urgently.  So it’s a good time to do it. We did Scotland two years ago but his ex boss is 87 and now has start of altzhemiers.  So thought we should go again. Their only daughter had died at 38 and we’ve always kept in touch and seen them often

We’re booked end August for 8 weeks as usual


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> Trying to sort out travel insurance
> Have bought CCC travel insurance for last three years. Cost £102 pp travel plus medical for me £9.70 and Duncan £11.92
> Now nothing’s changed at all no pills nothing. No visits to hospitals

I would suggest looking here Carol for a few quotes:-

For many years I stayed with NFU for all house/home and car/motorhome
insurance.  Just over 3 years ago, I started to look elsewhere and
have saved many hundreds of pounds since by changing insurer at most
renewals, unless the increase was minimal.  i.e. the extra effort was
not worth a small saving.

Our France Passion arrived yesterday and our European travel plans are
on hold until the brexit mess is resolved for the next few months.

Apart from the ADAC insurance and the European Health Insurance Card,
we don't use health travel insurance.


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