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My problem was related to altitude and gas in the brake fluid.  It does need replacing from time to time - this is now in the maintenance schedule, but back in the 80s it may not have been and I wasn’t clued up enough to check it had been done in an 8 year old vehicle. 


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> We did meet a chap on Lake Maggiore in a Rapido who had to keep stopping to
> let his brakes cool. Also there was a Dutch chap there with a caravan whose
> brakes on the van had locked on from overheating.

Cannot understand that. Keeping in low gear saves the brakes.


To a certain extent, yes. On both our previous motorhomes (Merc 7.5t) I needed to use  brakes on steep descents, even in low gear, to prevent the engine over-reving. Cooked the brakes on the Vario in Morocco several yeas ago. the 814DA 4x4 was slightly better as it had an exhaust brake - still needed to use the brakes as well on occasion though.

Andy Clarke

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