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Last time we did the downhill to Lake Garda we pulled onto a campsite to be followed by 20 or so bikers. We were a little apprehensive until they dismounted and removed their helmets - they were all older than me!


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My wife has just informed me that it was Lake Garda


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On one occasion we were going to Italy mainly to buy a melodeon from somewhere near Ancona. Never having been there I had no idea what route to take. The Mont Blanc Tunnel seemed very expensive. The Grand St Bernard meant going through Switzerland which meant a vignette at 40 euros so we went through Austria. I didn’t realise that we needed a vignette for Austria as well so we didn’t have one. The intention was to stay at a sight near Innsbruck but we got there and drove and drove but we never found any site, just road ups which we went round again and again. Eventually, in desperation we took a road out heading for a last chance sire at the top of the Brenner pass, in the road not the motorway. About half way up signs informed us that the pass was shut, not because of snow or the like, it was high summer anywAy, but just shut so we turned onto the motorway. Somewhere near the top there was a services. There was not much space but we squeezed between the fridge trucks and stayed the night. There was some kind of building so I went in and it was a kind of cafe where I bought some grilled pork and took it back to the van where we devoured it.
Next morning we went over the top into Italy where we cruised through the Dolomites. Absolutely beautiful. After this we arrived at a turn off for Lake Como so we took it. I suppose it was nice enough. We went down the lake on the west side. There were a lot of tunnels and a whole lot of coaches. All the coaches needed more than half of the road and they didn’t like slowing down. Since then I hate all tunnels and loath coach drivers. Having finally got out at the bottom of the lake i vowed never to go near it again and headed south.
We came back over the Little St Bernard pass but that is another story.


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In years gone by we’ve stayed a couple of times at campsites near Salzburg - worth a visit and I don’t normally like cities. 

Not too far from there, we’ve also stayed near Bad Ischl which is a very pleasant small town - we deal with a company based there. When there we stayed at the campsite at the end of the lake at Fuschl-am-See. A good quiet site with bar that served food. 

A couple of times we’ve headed over the hills from there to Venice - an enjoyable drive. Other times, way back, we went through Austria. Into Yugoslavia and down the Adriatic coast. I wouldn’t be able to resist this if I was in Austria with some spare time. 

Have fun.

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Thanks, Carol.


I will investigate.


Peter S


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So long ago we went and it wasn’t in a Motorhome but I think I know a link that will help




They go via Austria.  Peter if you follow this couple who are full timing. They are great and do these interactive guides and books. All free. They are on Facebook to Myles and Karen. 







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We are thinking of going to Austria this year - any advice and suggestions as to where to go would be welcome


Whilst investigating I have found that you no longer need to stick a vignette on your windscreen as you can now get a digital one:-



Obviously might be more convenient but only applies to 3500kg and under.


Peter S


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For your information:
Since 1 February 2018 annual vignettes no longer valid! 

Vignettes 2019 © ADAC Media and Travel GmbH 

Severe penalties for missing or invalid vignette

Who travels a lot in the neighboring countries Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic or Slovenia, but still has no new annual vignette should hurry, because the new 2019er versions will only be accepted from 1 February. 

Who can not have a valid vignette or she has not properly attached to the windshield, must expect some drastic fines. The most expensive is in Slovenia, where up to 500 euros threatening. In Austria such offenses toll cost from 120 euros - for unauthorized manipulation of the vignette the substitute toll is twice. In Switzerland, around 180 euros plus vignette costs and the Czech Republic are penalties of 200 euros due. 

In Austria in 2019 have increased the tolls. The new price for car annual toll sticker is 89,20 Euro (+ 1,90 €) 26,80 € for two months (+ 60 cents), and the 10-day Stickers Displaying now costs 9.20 euros (+ 20 Cent). In Switzerland, the annual sticker for drivers from Germany due to the exchange rate of 75 cents was more expensive and costs since October 36,50 Euro. 

In Slovenia, the prices are still very stable: For one year car toll 110 euros are due for a month for 30 euros and 15 euros for seven days. The cost of the toll in the Czech Republic amounted to EUR 59.50 years Vignette (- 50 cents), 17.50 euros for a month (- 50 cents) and for 10 days unchanged 12.50 euros. 

Annual vignettes and also the associated short versions are available in all ADAC offices and online at and by calling 0 800 5 10 11 12 (Monday to Saturday from 8 to 20 pm). 





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