Re: Searching.6 / EU Changes

Trevor Mace

Whilst I agree that the 'rantings' of the few on both sides should be kept to the OT List, I do feel that there is a place for 'non political' information about this subject that might effect us as a group. Perhaps this will be allowed after March - or July, or September, whenever IT happens (or not)


On 23/01/2019 21:55, penstrassoe wrote:
Hi, all,
When I briefly mentioned the IDP I didn't mean to stir-up a hornets' nest.
I believe in being as prepared as possible and if the worst happens and we do leave, (with or) without a deal, I don't want to be queuing at a post office for hours. To blithely say that "nothing will change" is taking risks I'd prefer not too.
But let's hove David is right, Brexit doesn't happen and nothing does change!
Andy - I'm jealous, my cats won't travel - we have to get my son to cat sit for us.

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