transport casing fro morserino

Birk [DB3DE]

what packaging do you use for transporting your morserino?
I'm using the AmazoneBasics GoPro XS pouch and I'm happy with it. just needs a bit of foam cutting...

Joy Rabins

I had a "outdoor.cases B&W International type 1000" that I had purchased for another purpose that I am using. It's a hard, waterproof  Pelican type case that I purchased at Fry's on sale. I think it was around $20. It has the pick and pull squares of foam so it will conform with whatever you put in it. The slit on the side is where I put the antenna.. I just have it at an angle so you can see it, it doesn't travel that way. The case is a little bigger than what is needed but it works great and I don't have to worry when I travel with it. With the extra room I can add ear buds which I use most of the time so I don't disturb anyone. It works for me. 



John G0EZI

Birk [DB3DE] Nice idea for case. Also noticed battery mod. Would be interested in more info on this. 
Thanks. John. G0EZI

Craig T. Bailey

I’ve charged the crappy $7 lipo battery from amazon once two weeks ago, and been using morserino daily in a 70 minute commute.

That battery he is showing would run it for a year! LOL

Birk [DB3DE]

Hi - regarding the battery I posted here:
73, Birk [DB3DE]

Birk [DB3DE]

Might be true ... still discharging ;-)
I got a "broken" E-bike battery pack from a colleague for free and took it apart. Turned out that 45 of the 50 cells are still in great shape .... need to use them for something
(for example running a morserino for the next 100 years ;-) )

Cheers & 73 Birk [DB3DE]

John G0EZI

Thanks for reply