Iambic B Timing of Release Problem Solved - Defaults Should be Changed

Max NG7M

Hi Everyone, I decided to do a new topic rather than reply to my previous post where I stated that the default Iambic B mode just wasn't quite right.  What i should have done before posting was to RTFM (read the 'fabulous' manual). :)  Which I now have done.  Plus a little research into the history of Iambic B mode (Curtis B mode as it was originally called).  The issue I had with the Iambic B default / percent based timings on the release of the dah or the dit are due to the fact that the Morserino does not come setup with defaults that match how the original Iambic/Curtis B mode worked.

The original Curtis B / Iambic B mode didn't take a percentage of the release of the dah or dit when considering the completion of the alternate dit or dah.  This was an 'enhanced' Iambic B invention / change that came later.  By default when you get your Morserino up and running and you select Curtis/Iambic B mode, you get the enhanced version settings for Iambic B... 75% additional release time as i understand it for the dah and 25% additional release time for the dit before the extra dit or dah will complete.

The excellent documentation makes it clear that if you want the 'original' Curtis/Iambic B behavior, you need to set CurtisB DahT% to zero and CurtisB DitT% to zero.  

After making this change, everything is working exactly as I would expect for someone that is use to the original Curtis B / Iambic B timings! It was like night and day! Morserino behaves exactly like a WinKeyer now when keying the Iambic 7 characters, R,K,Y,Q,F,L and C!  Just what I was looking for and expecting the first time I keyed my Morserino.

Willi, I would highly recommend that you change the default for the CurtisB DahT%/DitT% to zero in the code.  For anyone using a WinKeyer or trying a Winkeyer after learning on the Morserino (if they are new to Iambic keying), will be very confused and frustrated.  WinKeyer is really the ubiquitous reference for how an Iambic keyer should behave and it doesn't even have the option to change the settings from the original Curtis B timing on the release of the dah or dit.  After all my years using Iambic B for keying, I never even knew there was an 'enhanced Curtis/Iambic B' mode.

With the defaults not matching the original Curtis B mode, I suspect this question will come up over and over again.  It makes much more sense to me to default the Curtis B / Iambic B mode to the original... set the above settings to zero by default.

Thanks for reading and considering the change back to defaults of zero for the above two Curtis B settings.  Morserino being successful is no surprise.   It's an excellent design and has all kinds of potential.  Very cool project and design.  Top notch!

Max NG7M 


Thanks, Max for this details explanation. This is exactly what happened to me.

The past 6 months I've been learning CW on the Morserino. It's been a great tool to use. However when I started using other radios (7300, MTR5B), I would end up sending an extra char for iambic chars. Changing to zero and zero matched on the Morserino what I was experiencing on the other radios. Time to unwind some habits and build other ones instead.

+1 on setting it to 0 and 0 as the default. Would save folks some time and angst wondering what's going on.

-Joey KI5DDO

Martin Hepp

On 28. Dec 2019, at 23:07, jsurls@... wrote:

+1 on setting it to 0 and 0 as the default. Would save folks some time and angst wondering what's going on.
+1, too!

73 de Martin, DK3IT

Matthew .

Agreed, the timing "feels" better to me this way (CurtisB DahT% to zero and CurtisB DitT% to zero). 

Thanks again for the amazing Morserino, it's a CW game changer!