ESP32 Board Definitions?

Michael Sharp

Hello all,
I am trying to modify the Morserino-32 code a little bit to suit my needs. I was wondering where to get the proper board definitions for the ESP32?

I did find some at Heltec's site, but that compiles to a slightly larger .bin file (23k larger) when using the Morserino Master file. I'm not for sure why the compile .bin that I make is larger than the stock .bin

Any help appreciated...

Thank you,


Sorry, beyond GitHub and Heltec sites I am no help.  Were you able to compile the source code and upload it to the Morserino-32 via the USB?


Craig T. Bailey


the proper board definitions can be derived by entering the following URL into your IDE board manager:

As shown on the Heltec support website:

So, basically... the IDE has the board manager tool, and you add that first URL to the manager. Then you choose "add board" and find the Heltec ESP 32 v2 board, and it brings down the entire library needed for the Heltec board.
When you do it that way, the only libraries that you'll likely need in addition will be the ButtonClick library to be able to compile.

Craig Bailey