Anyone built theirs yet?

Howard W6HDG

Hi everyone.  I am expecting my Morserino 32 in the next wave of shipments. Has anyone in the first group built theirs yet?

I had a question on battery size. The specs say a maximum of 65 x 20 x 8 mm. But in the US the Tattu batteries are listed as 24mm wide. Is that a problem?

73, Howard W6HDG 


Yes, I have
This is the battery I used:

This is a short video showing my morserino in action:

Best regards

Willi, OE1WKL

Hi Howard,

With the max dimensions given you can mount the battery underneath the Heltec Module. You can use larger batteries, but then you have to place them under the PCB, on the bottom plate of the case. For this reason two sets of bottom distance bolts are supplied with the kit, 6mm and 12mm long. With the 12 mm distant bolds you can place most flat single cell LiPo batteries underneath the PCB.
See the attached photo how the Tattu battery sits underneath the Heltec module…


Gary Wise

Hi Everyone!

This has been a great project! Thank you Willi! I built mine last week and have been testing it out. I love the Echo Trainer mode. It makes my brain hurt (in a good way).

I bought these batteries from as I didn't want to buy six units (the minimum for the Tattu batteries):

Here are some photos. I mounted the battery under the PC board using a double sided adhesive strip.

Hope to have a video produced soon on the Morserino-32. Watch my YouTube channel (W4EEY).

73 - Gary W4EEY