Problem: Keyer seems to use a "dit"-memory


I have the problem, that m32 seems to have an internal dit-memory. So if I release the paddle, the keyer produces just another dit. This issue exists both in Curtis A and B mode. At speeds around 30+ wpm it is just impossible for me to give an "e" properly - m32 will make an "i". I already wrote to Willi, but I did not mention any other user in this forum who cares about that.
Did you mentioned that issue, too??

  Torsten, DL8KFO


got the same problem; also by using an external paddle. As a beginner it makes me little crazy... ;-)

73 de Tommes DD1TOM

Willi, OE1WKL

Hi all,

The is no „memory“, but the paddle press is checked as soon as the „dit“ (or „dah“ for that matter) is over. This means, you have to release the paddle completely while the dit is still going on (with the dah this is less of a problem as it is longer).
Especially with a capacitive paddle this is a bit tricky, as you have to not just release the pressure in time, but the finger has to be moved away from the paddle while the dit is still going on.

I intend to introduce another parameter (not sure about its name yet, maybe „latency“, with values in % (0, 20, 40, 60, 80) of the length of a dit. After a dit (or dah) has been sent, the Morserino will not check the paddle until the time defined by this value has passed. I hope that this will mitigate the problems you are describing.

Let me know if you think this is the right approach (you may also suggest a better name for the parameter…).



Hello Willi,

I like you approach of "not checking" the paddle for a certain time after the dit. For my understanding, the pause after the dit IS PART OF THE DIT and therefore one could really decide to not check anything during that time. Maybe check at 80% of the pause to not miss a new command?
Just my two cents,,
73 de gerard, DL8SEL