Re: Problem updating from V1.1 to V2.0

Willi, OE1WKL

The selection (highlight) should move when you rotate the encoder.... Di you notice any encoder problems within the menu or when changing the volume?


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My Morserino is currently on V1.1. I have downloaded from GitHub version 2.0 (file is 907kb). After pressing red button three times to bring up WiFi menu, I cannot select any of the visible options. The screen display shows :  Wifi Functions:   ,   Wifi Config   ,   File Upload  ,    Update Firmw. , and the top entry "Wifi Functions" is highlighted.  When rotating the black encoder, the highlighted selection does not move. Pressing the black encoder button once changes the display to :  Enter wifi Info  ,   AP: morserino  ,  URL: m32.local  ,   RED to abort.

What sequence is needed to move the highlight bar to another selection on the Wifi display ?

Many Thanks,

Mike Harang

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