Re: iCW / Ext Trx experimental mode

Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH

I did a quick hack in the V2.0 release to prevent the decoder detected speed from being displayed.  This is good enough for me at this point.  I had previously done this in V1.4 and then tried to make more changes to display the decoder detected speed without modifying p_wpm, and having the keyer speed display when I started sending.  Not surprisingly I did not quite succeed and doubt I will play with it anymore.  

                              if (lowDuration > (lacktime * ditAvg)) {
                                displayMorse();                                             /// decode the morse character and display it
                                wpm = (p_wpm + (int) (7200 / (dahAvg + 3*ditAvg))) / 2;     //// recalculate speed in wpm
                                if (p_wpm != wpm) {

                                  //p_wpm = wpm;          // W5UXH 19 Oct 2019 temporary hack

                                  //speedChanged = true;  // prevents decoder from changing keyer speed

                                decoderState = INTERCHAR_;

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