Re: Construction comments


Hello Willi

Thank you so much for this kit. I love it.
The board is beautifully designed and the finished product is easy to use.
The Detailed Assembly Instructions are excellent and I put it together in a short time.

Some minor things I would change with the board design.
  1. The solder mask colour. I would prefer any colour other than black. Dave has something to say about this on eevblog
  2. The holes for the speaker clips seem a little off. The speaker was loose before soldering.
  3. The solder pads for the black wires ESP32- and LIPO- are not spaced far enough away from the flood filled ground plane. My Weller soldering iron is unable to heat the pads sufficiently to solder the wires. 
I have already started practicing with my straight key using the CW Decoder function even though I have no battery or enclosure.


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