Re: Battery charging

Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH

I have a strange situation related to the battery voltage measurement.  I swapped in another Heltec module that I ordered some time ago from Heltec.  I used Arduino to program the firmware.  At power up, the display reports the voltage is 7.9V.   I am not concerned, only curious at this point. 

I have read another thread discussing the fact that the battery voltage readout is not reliable.   I get the impression that the built in charger maintenance of the battery is independent of the measurement.  If this is correct, is the orange LED status software based or is it a function of the charging current?  I ran on the battery for a few minutes, to see if the orange led turns on when I reconnect USB power and it did not.  I think with the original Heltec the charge led indicator would come on after running on the battery for a few minutes.  When I disconnect the battery while USB power is connected, the orange led blinks rapidly.

Later I will switch back to the original Heltec to verify that it works as before, then I will try another new Heltec, I think I have two more.  

 I normally will keep USB power connected, but do want to be able to depend on the battery being maintained properly.

Chuck, W5UXH

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