iCW / Ext Trx experimental mode

Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH

I found that iCW/Ext Trx mode allows me to use the keyer and also hear the received audio stream as one would expect.  But I found that the keyer speed tracks the decoder speed.   I prefer for the keyer speed to be independent of the decoder speed.

A few months ago I verified that I can compile the source code in Arduino, so I will be interested in seeing if I can understand the source code well enough to find a way to work on this.  I think for me, it would be sufficient to be able to enable the received audio to be heard while in keyer mode.  But the preferred thing would be to still use iCW/Ext Trx mode with an option to make the keyer speed independent of the decoder speed.

Possibly I am missing an existing feature where I can do one or the other of these two options with the existing V 1.4 firmware?

As a long time user of iCW, it is great to see a product like the M-32 available that provides a simple audio interface to a sound card.  I hope it will inspire newcomers to CW to start using one of the iCW servers to meet for conversation which I think is a good way to gradually increase copy speed in the head.  Willi has done an excellent job of developing the M-32.

Chuck, W5UXH

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