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Matthew Pullan

The 4 pin connector is both line out and line in, hence 4 wires. It was intended to allow easier connection to a PC for iCW, although if you solder your own 2 wire cable you can, of course, use just the line in for reading from a TRX. The headphone jack is completely separate and not used when connecting to a PC. The correct wiring diagram is in the manual.
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The TRRS is getting popular with both PCs and MACs.

It also allows a headphone to be plugged in to be used as a monitor, while the TRRS carries line level in and out

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I don't understand the logic of using a 4 wire connector for Audio In for decoding the received signal.  Most radios output is going to be TRS, not TRRS.
Must I find a TRS to TRRS cable to make the decoder work?  

Craig Bailey

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