Construction comments

Howard W6HDG

I built my Morserino yesterday.  Thank you Willi! I'm hooked and tried several of the modes. So much fun. I'm going to show off the unit at the next San Diego DX Club meeting. It was worth waiting for my Morserino since meeting Willi at Friedrichshafen.

Construction was enjoyable and the instructions are great. I have one suggestion and one question. 

I stupidly put some pressure on the top acrylic when tightening the hex screws. My thumb covered the thin acrylic section between the USB plug and the copper colored curly coil (? Wifi antenna) and I cracked the acrylic between the two. No big deal as I repaired i and it is unnoticeable. But it is one thing to be careful of.

There is orange tape over the two paddle connectors. Is this to be removed and tossed or used in some way? I notice that the paddles can get out of horizontal alignment so maybe taping the side is an option if the paddles are never to be removed?

Howard W6HDG 

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