Re: Documentation needs updating

Max NG7M

Bruce, this is what github is for, you can make the correction / change or contribute anything you want to the code and or the documentation and see if the author is interested in your contribution.  Clone the repository, make a branch, make your update / contribution and then push your branch up.  Then create a pull request so Willi can review and decide if the change / update is good and he can decide merge it in.  It's not about finding an issue and making a statement, it's about helping contribute and sharing and owning the effort.  You have an opportunity to help make the documentation better.  Take some of the weight off of Willi and do something more than make a statement about what you see as something that someone else needs to do. :)  It's a win / win if you put a little more effort in.

Here is a good tutorial if you are on the verge of replying and saying (I don't know how to do that / use github):

So Bruce, if you are passionate about helping fix / correct / clarify the user manual / documentation, then PLEASE PLEASE clone the repository and make the change.  There is no reason Willi is the one that needs to make a change!  This is why github is a beautiful thing! He can approve your contribution and then everyone benefits. 

Max NG7M

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