Direct Audio into the Mac

Craig T. Bailey

Well, I'm pleased to say I've got the Morserino piped into my Mac.

In addition, I built a mixing circuit to blend a wired mic input with the line out audio from the Morserino.

This mixer goes into a USB dongle audio card.

Why? you might ask?

When participating in CW Ops Academy, or any other video conferencing system, where you are working with other Morse trainees, its common place to just let the PC's built in mic pick up the code oscilator's side tone over the air.

I'm finding skype was terrible at clipping the keyer, and Zoom wasn't much better. By having it piped direct, the folks on the other end get clean code. Also, by piping it direct, I'm using my headset plugged into the PC (Mac in this case) as the monitor of the side tone.

I suppose this is also precisely what the Mumble app needs as well.

Just one more reason why Morserino is a GREAT educational tool!

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