Re: webserver library #github

Craig T. Bailey

Well I have success!

Here's what I learned... the hard way:

Firstly, after you download the Heltec Board information (using the Board Manager in the Arduino IDE,) you must SELECT the board! That was a huge step that I failed to do. Once I selected the Heltec "Wifi LoRA 32(v2)" board, and ran compile, much new operations started to work for me.

Thats whe I started getting the same warnings about duplicate libraries as Chuck was getting.

Turns out, the proper and latest libraries needed for the Heltec board come in with the Board package that gets downloaded and installed into the IDE.

So, I started cleaning out the custom library folder, and I am left with only the following libraries needed (because the rest are buried in the Heltec files):

So, I went back to Windows7,
Again, the rest of them are buried at C:\users\<user>\AppData\Local\Arduino15\pacakges\Heltec-esp32\hardware\esp32\0.0.2-rc1

I'll upload a zip of these necessary "custom" libraries if possible.

And I too saw the Pin21 issue, and commented it out.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to upload the .bin file to the unit!

***Willi - I notice the .bin file that I compiled during the "export" process is named "morse_3_v1.4.ino.wifi_lora_32_V2.bin"

I assume that the boot sector is looking for the file name you supplied?

Thanks guys

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