Re: webserver library #github

Craig T. Bailey

Yep! Thanks Chuck... Like I mentioned yesterday via email, I was planning on trying it again in MacOS.

As I'm finding, still no joy.

I think the method I'm using to install the WebServer.h library is at fault. Although all the documentation says just to expand the zip file and copy the library files into the \library folder.

It doesn't seem to be an OS issue. I've tried moving everything into the \applications folder on the MacOS, thinking maybe the path was getting too long if I was riding all my libraries in my Dropbox folder. That wasn't it.

I've tried looking for the original source files of the WebServer.h library, but just can't find it on github.

My next step is to pull Willi's WebServer library into it's own zip file, and try the Arduino Library zip-file installation method. I'll report back my findings.

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