Re: webserver library #github

Craig T. Bailey

OK, Day two of beating on this thing. LOL

My windows 7 box was "blocking" some of library files, and after trying for a day to "Unblock" multiple files using PowerShell, I finally gave up. I moved to the MacBook and have set my Arduino IDE up on the Mac.

A fresh download of the libraries, and the compiler still fails on "WebServer.h" library.

I deleted the library from Willi's upload, and pulled down the latest "WebServer" library from git hub: and the darn thing STILL WONT compile.

the error is the same:

/Users/mydropbox/Dropbox (Personal)/HamRadio/Ardunio Projects/libraries/WebServer/src/WebServer.h:27:22: fatal error: functional: No such file or directory
#include <functional>

is the call for the <functional> the problem? Because obviously the WebServer library is available.

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