Re: Feature request: Interactive QSO Machine?

Stefan GroƟhauser

Hi Michael,

One of the problems I have while compiling code is trying to get the
right hardware configurations. So, even if I compile the factory
firmware, I still end up with a larger .bin file (23k larger). This
makes me think there is an extra library of unneeded features in the
final compilation.
For the morserino32, I guess? I don't own that device, so I cannot
help with that one. Maybe the other folks on the list can.

I am working with a developer on an interactive QSO for another bit
of software that I help with beta-testing. That will be available
sometime in the near future.
Which software is it? And does it have a public repository?
Have you made any use of the qso text generator from my metaMorserino

If there is any interest in a group collaboration on this idea,
perhaps we as a group could help refine some of the features, like
the Koch Method, which has no way of automatically incrementing to
the next character.
You mean features of which one of the mentioned programs?

hm, I was the one who initially implemented Koch method for the
metaMorserino and I do not think that automatic incrementation of
the level is actually helpful. After all, I have to judge myself which
letters I need to practise and if I feel comfortable enough to step up.
So this would be the first feature I would try to get rid of, as a user.


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