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Fuel for your miniature doll making muse.  We have been online (yahoo group) since 1999 and are transferring our membership here for better service.

This is the Home Page for the MiniDollLIST I/O Group.  We have a website as well that is an integral part of this group:

Also visit Dana's website:

The MiniDollLIST is a group where everyone from professional to beginner can share ideas, tips, sources and resources on making, dressing, wigging, accessorizing, displaying and selling miniature dolls, both porcelain and sculpted. We encourage sharing and provide a forum for questions, creativity, innovation and adaptation. Our members include well-known artisans, rising stars and those who are moving from larger dolls to miniatures, as well as those just beginning in the hobby.

This group is dedicated to the memory of LESA Greene - and her decade+ of dedication to our group as our beloved ADMIN (1/9/12).

At the above website link you will find Instructions for Joining the list, Projects, Contests, Winners and Suppliers. Also included is an ongoing Archive of Tips from our members, including helpful books and other resources.

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